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  Fatty Amine (SSI) C


Chemical Name----------------- COCOAMINE


Specification Primary Amine (97 % Min)

Secondary Amine (3% Max)

Iodine Value (10 Max)

Moisture (1% Max)

Physical Apperance-- Liquid

Amine Value---------265-285

Colour----Colourless Liquid

Cloud Points ----16 c to 21 c

Suggested Applications: --

Used in anti-caking agents for Fertilisers. in the preparation of Ethoxylated products. Corrosion Inhibitors. In the manufacture of Reactive Softeners. Bactericide, Fungicides and Algicides. Flotation Agents. Emulsifiers and Anchoring Agents for Road Building. Flushing and Dispersion of Pigments. Antistatic Agents. Cationic Adhesives and Latex Emulsions.

Packing: --

40 Kgs nett material packed in HDPE Carboys.

Note: --

The information submitted in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application, tests data do not relieve processors from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests and experiments; neither do they imply any legally binding assurance of certain properties or of suitability for a specific purpose. It is the responsibility of those to whom, we supply our products to ensure that any propritary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed.


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