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Oleyl Amine
Chemical Name :  Oleyl Amine

Specification       :  Primary Amine  :                   98%
                                  Secondary Amine  :             2%
                                   Iodine Value         :               70 min.
                                   Moisture               :                1% max
                                   Physical Appearance :       Liquid  at  25%
                                   Amine Value  :                      195-210
                                   Colour            :                      Pale Yellow
                               Packing :  170 Kg. nett material packed in new M.S.Barrel

Suggested Application:

Used in anticaking agent for fertilisers, In the preparation of Ethoxylated products. Corrosion Inhibitors . In the manufacture of Reactive softners,
Bactercide , Fungicide and  Algicides. Flotation Agents , Emulisifiers and
Anchoring agents for road building , Flushing and dispersion of pigments.
Antistatic Agents.
Cationic adhesive and latex emulsions.